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Courses after 10th class: The insiders guide

An article to show path to your dream….

How can I forget the most memorable day of my life, the day of 10th result.  That was the day of happiness and hope, the day of joy to step forward towards the dream. The dream of life…. I still remember after knowing the result I imagined my future.

I had never thought of courses after 10th class. I always knew what I had to do. And here I am living my dream life.  But how many of us will be able to reach our dream goal?

During my professional career I have met many people who regret not choosing the right career option: raised many questions in my mind.

Where the problem is ? What’s the issue? Why are so many people not able to get what they want? The problem lies within ….

                          “The right decision at right time”

I do remember our parents saying   10th is the turning point of life.  And that’s true 10th is the first turning point of the life and the right time to make the right decision.

Thinking which is the right decision….want to know the courses after 10th class and looking for proper guidance to know which is the best course after 10th. Then you are at the right place.

Let’s unlock the path towards your dream by knowing the different courses after 10th classes and find the simple strategy to select the best course after 10th for you. Here are with the courses after 10th class: The insiders guide

What is the problem?

courses after 10th

There are so many courses after 10th that struck you with so many questions ….

What courses available after 10th?  How many courses after 10th class? Which is the best course after 10th ? Should I go for short term courses after 10th class?…..and many more.

These questions make you go crazy!  And the lack of proper information awareness and misleading information can lead you to take wrong decisions.

Solutions for all problem

Getting through  10th exam itself is great achievement for the students.  But choosing the right course gives a proper career of your dream.  

how to select courses after 10th

5 simple Steps to follow to take right decision

If you are still finding difficulties or confuse ?  just one click  will solve all your career related problems and confusion.

  • Talk to career counselor and take their advise.
Talk about courses after 10th

Which is best course after 10th

Choosing the right course is the critical step. The course you choose is your personal decision. It is also important to make a right choice else  may lead to messed-up  future. You have to choose right and suitable course after 10th

Awareness, information and knowledge about what are the courses available after 10th?  Are the key point. Before choosing the course the scope and opportunities in future should also be analysed.

Why career counselor ?

The right counseling by a proper career counselor is going to help you to make a right decision.

Every student have some unique set of skills, strength and career counseling is going help you to identify your inner strength and explore your potential. And a good career counselor can clear all your confusion and help to find the right patch to your dreams.

At time, choosing the right path to pursue your goal or dream job of the future journey, career counselor is must require, who work with students to help them research which career is best for them, considering their peer and family pressures; Encourage them to pursue careers that match their skills and desires, with thought given to monetary earnings and the satisfaction level of the chosen field.

Hence a good Career Counselor plays a very important role in your life shaping up your career and chase the dreams.

Courses after 10th class ?

What are the courses after 10th class ? The answer is there are plenty of courses available after 10th class but it depends upon our interest and what is the scope of the course in the future. A brief idea about the main streams available after 10th class.

1. Intermediate courses

PUC 1st and PUC 2nd with different combinations of subject under science , arts and commerce:

Arts courses after 10th

Arts stream is best after 10th for those who have a dream to become teacher, lawyer, politics etc.

Commerce courses after 10th

commerce courses after 10th are for those who want to become chartered account, Bank employee, Finance manager, stock broker, economist, accountant executive etc.

Science courses after 10th

Science stream is best who have a dream to become Engineers, doctors, teachers, scientist, pilot, chemist, Nurse, Indian army, navy , air force and many more.

All the streams are with different combination of subjects.

intermediate courses after 10th

2. Diploma courses after 10th class

Diploma courses after 10th is for those students who directly want study the engineering subjects after 10th.

It includes different branches such as: Mechanical, civil, electrical, computer, information, Fabrication, Automobile, chemical, Aerospace, petroleum, marine, mining and diploma in vocational training etc.

3. ITI courses after 10th class

This is best course for those who want a quick job. And after ITI you can go for the diploma and any BE/ B.tech course to continue with your higher studies.

4. Defense academy courses

To join NDA you can go for some foundational course alone with your 11th and 12th basic courses. This will help to get through the NDA exam.

5. Paramedical courses:

These courses will expertise you to get job into health and medical filed. It includes many specialized courses like Medical laboratory technology, Dental mechanics, Dialysis technology, Operation theatre technology, X-ray technology, radiology, medical records technology etc.

Short term courses after 10th

some short term courses of 5-6 months are available like computer courses, beautician courses, Tailoring courses and many more to become self employed.

We have heterogeneous group of students. Obviously not all are good at specific courses but they have talent and passion. Even those students also have the right to dream and get success.

We have many good old examples where many people have made markable achievements by following their passion. For them many vocational courses are available.

  • Vocational courses: For those who follow their passion like dance, singing, painting, photography, acting, any sports like cricket, chess and many more etc.
  • Many job oriented competitive exams are conducted by government after +12 and graduation. Like banking exam, UPSC civil services exam, SSC exam etc. So student can go for related coaching to prepare for exams and choose suitable subjects after 10th class which is going to help them in competitive exams.

Don’t compromise with your future. It is up to you select the right course and achieves the height of success or keep struggling through out the life due to a small mistake by not selecting the right course. So what are you waiting for? Your helping hand is a step away from you.   Let us begin the journey towards your dream future. It is the time for action.

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