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Career In Digital Marketing: The Best Career guide 2021

The development in science and technology have opened an avenue for various career and job opportunities for the youth of the present generation. One among them is the career in Digital Marketing. The most promising career emerged from the digital era.

Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value.

by   Philip Kotler
career in Digital Marketing

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing also known as online marketing is a unique way to connect to the customer using the online platform. The advancement in technology has made the industries reach to the customers to promote the product and service and sell it in the easiest and fastest way.

The exponential growth in digital marketing had made a tremendous impact on Marketing and advertising.

Difference between traditional marketing and Digital marketing

Traditional marketing is the promotion of product or service through Tv ads,Printed ads, Telephone, Banner, Broadcast, Door to Door campaign, Events, Exhibition, Sponsorship etc .It is a slow process to reach to the customer and difficult to measure the marketing.

Difference between traditional marketing and Digital marketing

Technology is the sauce for transformation of real India  

By Jayant Sinha

Digital marketing in comparison is the fastest way to reach the target customer for promotion of product and service. It is the most effective way to build the brand and measure the marketing with the help of analytics tools. It involves the use of online platforms to reach the customer for promotion of products through SEO, google ads, Email, Facebook, video etc. 

Career in Digital marketing In India.

Transformation of India into Digital India has raised the scope of digital marketing in India.

Career in digital marketing in India

India’s population around 40% is occupied by the youth and growth in technology has influenced the life of the youth who are more into internet users. However, the live scenario of Indian digital marketing makes it clear that still India is in the initial stage. 

We are already into the digital world and to cope up with the same, many of our work are online today. Like banking, education etc. The pandemic situation has also taught us the importance of digital marketing. 

India has seen a dream of digital India. From the latest science to the latest technology everything should be available at the tip of one’s finger. 

By Narendra Modi 

Is digital marketing a good career?

With so many career options present in front of the youth is like so many caddies in the box. It’s quite obvious to ask the question – Is digital  marketing a good career?

With increase in the use of the internet by the customer, digitalisation of the marketing is also becoming necessary. All the small scale or large scale industries are looking out to use the internet platform to reach their customers and expand their business.

This has led to many job opportunities, which is why the career in digital marketing is blooming in the present scenario. So It’s good to think about a career in digital marketing.

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The career in digital marketing does not require any long term professional educational qualification. But a person with a professional degree in digital marketing is also beneficial. 

However many certified courses are also available to learn digital marketing. 

Here are some reasons to think about the career in digital marketing:

  1. Huge platform for diverse high salary package jobs.
  2. Fast growth in the career.
  3. Opportunities for both full time and freelancer.
  4. No barrier of age, education, caste etc.

Digital marketing courses in India

Digital Academy India

It provides a 5 month online google certified course in digital marketing. It is powered by Digital Vidya. 

Course fees- 34900+18% GST

Digital Vidya

It offers CDMM (certified Digital marketing master course) 3 or 6 months online course. 

The course cost is Rs. 49,900 + 18 % GST. The courses include SEO, Social media marketing, Email Marketing and Web analytics. 

Upgrad Digital Marketing

It provides two certified courses –  PG certification course in Digital Marketing and Executive program in strategic marketing digital. The upgrade works in association with MICA.  It’s a 6.5 months online course.

Course fee: Rs. 79500 + taxes.


It offers digital marketing courses and advanced digital marketing courses. 

Course fees: Varies from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50000.

Institute of Digital Marketing (IDM)

It offers different certified courses like search engine marketing course, Social media Marketing course, Content marketing course, Email marketing, Mobile marketing etc.

Course fees: Varies and depends on the course 

Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak internship program is the certified based online digital marketing course.

Operating Media

Operating media is the Digital marketing institute in Mumbai. It offers online digital marketing courses in SEO, SMO, Analytics, WordPress etc. 

Course Fees: Rs. 12000 to Rs. 30000

Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)

DSIM offers  Master courses in digital marketing. It’s a classroom  campus learning training program.

course fees: Rs. 70,644.  

NIIT ( National Institute of Information technology )

NIIT also offers courses in DIgital Marketing. Its a certified based professional course 

Course fees: Rs. 37500 + GST

Manipal Global Education

The Manipal prolearn program runned by Manipal Global Education Is the Digital Marketing course. This course is available both Online and Offline. 

Course fees depend on the module selected. Online module is Rs. 30000 and Offline modules is Rs. 39000. 

Digital Marketing Colleges

In India there are a number of colleges that offer MBA and PG diploma courses in Digital marketing. 

1. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDM), Mumbai.

2. KL university, Guntur,Hyderabad.

3. Vel Tech. DR. RR and DR. SR University, Chennai.

4. Graphic era University, Dehradun.

5. Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and studies,  Faridabad.

How to start career in digital marketing?

Thinking of a career in digital marketing, but worried  when to start, Where to start and How to start  career in digital marketing. Then here you are with answers for all questions.

Digital marketing career does not demand any educational qualification, but it’s always good to have some basic qualification. 

You can start the digital with the basic knowledge and expertise in one or few of the skills.

There are two possible way of the career growth in digital Marketing;

Join as an Intern or an Executive:

To Start a career in digital marketing, you need to learn it first and get yourself educated and then have some practical experience by joining an agency or a company at executive level or by getting an internship opportunity.


Another way to start your career in digital marketing is by learning it and doing freelancing by focusing on any particular skill. For e.g. Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, SEO specialization or a Google Ad specialization. By working on any of the skills, you can start your freelancing journey. 

Entrepreneurship is about seeing opportunities where none seem to exist, and it is about solving problems that seem unsolvable to an experienced eye 

   By Varun Duggirala

 Steps to start successful career in digital marketing

  1. Learn about digital marketing by joining any certified courses.
  2. Select the desired channel in digital marketing
  3. DO research on the selected channel. 
  4. Develop your own website. Website is the platform for the digital marketing
  5. SEO is considered to be the king of digital marketing. Getting expertised in SEO is very important 
  6. Get some certified courses to learn strategies of marketing in social media.
  7. Proper execution of the learned skill.
  8. Keep learning and keep updated.

Jobs and Best Career options in digital marketing

  1. Web Designing
  2. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  3. SEM ( Search Engine Marketing)
  4. Content marketing
  5. SMM ( Social media Marketing)
  6. Facebook marketing
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Pay-Per- Click marketing
  9. Email marketing
  10. Marketing Automation

Scope of career in digital marketing

Digital marketing in India is growing exponentially similarly the scope of career in digital marketing is also increasing . 

future scope of digital marketing in India

India being a highly populated country, gives a widespread scope for the marketing field.

With the increase in internet use, the traditional market is shifting to Digital marketing.

Data shows that, in 2019 the internet users were 9.4% which is increased upto 27% by 2020, and likely to increase in future. 

This has enhanced the scope of career in digital marketing. It is expected that Digital marketing itself is going to create 20 lakh job opportunities in near future. 

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing being cost effective, more convenient and instant response is a booming career option. 

Dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji of DIgital India and Manke in India had led India towards digitalization at a faster pace. 

This makes the vision more clear about the future of career in digital marketing, which is widespread and at global level. 

With the change in the lifestyle of the present generation, change in approach to looking at things will also change. Most applicable to the marketing field. The transformation from outdated Traditional marketing to Digitalized Digital Marketing has opened “N” number of avenues for the present generation to think about their Career option.  The career in Digital Marketing is the promising career to prove yourself and lead the most satisfied future life. 

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01. What is digital marketing and how does it work?

Digital marketing is the online marketing of products and services. This is done by using the
digital devices and the techniques.
Digital marketing is a platform to sell our product or services online, through mobile or laptop/tab. The
internet gives a source to reach the customers, promote the product and service. Make the customer buy the
products online.

02. How to get into a career in digital marketing?

To get into the digital marketing there is no barrier of any educational              
         qualification and age limit. Anyone with the skill to sell the product can get into 
         digital marketing. The two basic requirements are some education background                            
         and skill will help to make a career in digital marketing.

         As the digital marketing is the online selling of the product, one should learn the     
         to handle the entire process online. There are many certified course which help            
         you learn the technical part.

03. What kind of jobs are in digital marketing?

There are number of jobs in digital marketing like
        Digital marketing manager, Content strategist, Virtual reality developer, SEO  
        and SEM specialist, user experience designer, Data Analysts, Email Marketing 
        specialist, Social media marketer etc. 

04. What are the components of digital Marketing?

  The success in digital marketing involves many components:
          1.  Online Advertising
          2.  SEO
           3. Content writing and Blogging
           4. Email Marketing
           5. Mobile Marketing
           6. Web analytics
           7. Programmatic advertising
           8. Video marketing
           9.  Webinars
           10. Search medium marketing 

05. Is digital marketing a high paying job?

Yes, a career in digital marketing can help you get a high paying job. 
          The average salary depends on the entry level, experience and expertise field and the skill.
          However the average salary for the beginners or fresher can range from Rs.3-4 lacs per annum.

06. How to start a career in digital marketing with no experience?

  Digital marketing is the skill based career in marketing. Any one with out     
    without  experience can start their career in digital marketing by –
    Learning basics of digital marketing
         Have your own website
         Get expertise in SEO
Know how to run google ads
         Learn about Facebook and Email marketing strategies.

 07. Is a career in digital marketing worth it?

Yes , in the present scenario where the entire world is on the path of     
           digitalization the career in digital marketing is worth it.

08. What are the career opportunities in digital marketing?

There are some top career opportunities in digital marketing.
Digital Marketing Manager
Business Analytics Specialist
Social Media Manager
Online Content Developer
Professional Blogger
Search Engine Optimization Specialist
Web Designer
Mobile Marketing Specialist
Email Marketer
Search Expert
Brand Manager

09. What’s the future of digital marketing in India?

Digital marketing is a growing industry with a lot of scope and    
             opportunities for the young generation. In India digital marketing is in the 
             initial stage of growth and there is a lot of scope for growth in India. With the 
             more  interest of youth in digital devices have given a platform for the 
             marketing online. Various industries have already proved that digital 
             marketing is going to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach the 
             customer and sell the product.

10. What are the skills of a digital marketer?

Digital marketing is a huge platform with a lot of competition.    
           An important skill required for the digital marketer is the ability to adapt or evolve with an
evolving industry. Creativity and analytical skills are  also key factors. The means of communicating to
customers is through content writing , so I should be a good content writer with SEO  knowledge

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