best career options after 12th

Best career options after 12th: Lets unlock door of dream future.

The most common question which has been asked many times in our student life by our friends, parents, relatives, and any person whom ever we meet           

                          What you want to become in future?

Innocently, unknowing and proudly answer would be…  I want to become Doctor or I want to become an engineer or I want to become a police or I want to become a teacher etc.. . There were only few best career options after 12th to pursue.

When we look back in earlier days we did not have so many options to choose and even competition was also less

But now the scenario is different, our present generation has so many options with a lot of competition in every field.

So with time the question also changed. The questions which comes to our mind  now is –

Which is the best career option after 12th? What do I do after 12th? Which course is valuable after 12th?

What are the top 12 careers after 12th? And many more. 

Fact you should know

With my life’s observation most of the students wish to choose engineering or doctor. However nowadays engineering is gaining more importance because of many advantages. But do you know the fact?

According to the resources, over 22 lakh candidates have registered for JEE exam 2021 itself. And only less than 5 % students will be eligible to get the seats. Similarly over 15 lakh candidates have registered for Medical seat and available seats are less than 90,000.

Afraid?…… hey don’t worry there are a lot many best carrier options after 12th.

Just we need to have a look, analyze and make the decision.

Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

By Plato

So it is a key factor that one should self analyse and do research to find out which is his/her best career option which gives them their dream future life. Let’s begin the journey with Best career options after 12th and  unlock the door  of your future. 

How do I decide on a career?

which course is valuable after 12th

To choose the career you have to self analyze yourself. Ask yourself what you expect from yourself.

 Steps to follow to make right decision

·         Know your inner strength:

·         Make sure you have the right information about the best career options after 12th

·         List out the most suitable and relevant career option.  

·         You should know the future scope and opportunities of all the career options.

·         Follow your dream and passion·        

. Talk to expertise and take their opinion

Best career options after 12th

There are hundreds of courses available. So it is quite obvious that you may have the confusion to select the best career options after 12th.

However before coming to any conclusions let’s explore all the possible best career options after 12th.

For the students who wish to continue with their higher education after 12th have 3 main streams- Commerce, Arts, and Science to select for.

Best career options after 12th commerce (Bachelors in commerce) is the best option for those who have selected commerce. However the 12th science student is also eligible for

Best career options after 12th commerce

The students who aim for a chartered accountant as their dream career can pursue this course.

This course also helps to get a job as company secretary and accountant post.

Other courses Like BBA (bachelors in business administration) are also best career options after 12th commerce. This makes you a specialist in marketing and finance.

BAF (Bachelor’s in accounting and finance) mainly focus on taxation, accounting, auditing etc.

BFM (Bachelor’s of finance market) deals with debt market, risk management, investment, mutual funds etc.

Best career options after 12th arts

This is one among the most popular courses and best suits for creative persons. It can be pursued by students of 12th arts, commerce as well as science. This course offers various specializations and is best career options after 12th arts.

Basic subjects New subjects
Political science  
English etc.
Event management
Hotel management
Fashion design  Journalism and mass communication.
Bachelor’s of fine arts
BBA( bachelors of business administration)

BA courses are also opted as the best career option after 12th by students who want to prepare for competitive exams like Civil services, UPSC etc.

Best career options after 12th science

Students select 12th science after their 10th with the dream to become engineer or doctor. These are high rated courses which students go for and this lead to high competition. It basically includes 3 streams PCM, PCB, PCMB.

best career options after 12th science

Best career options after 12th PCM

PCM combination includes physics, chemistry and mathematics. This combination of subject is best for those students aim for JEE or wishes to become engineer and is considered as the best career options after 12th PCM.

Those who dream of engineering have many career choices in specialization.

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Electrical and electronic engineering
  3. Computer engineering
  4. Civil engineering
  5. Chemical engineering
  6. Aerospace engineering
  7. Marine engineering etc

Best career options after 12th PCB

PCB includes Physics, chemistry, Biology best suited for medical field. The students can prepare for NEET exam to get medical seat and become doctor. Again there are many specialized courses under the medical field which are considered as the best career options after 12th PCB.

  1. MBBS – Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery.
  2. BAMS- Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine surgery.
  3. BHMS – Bachelor of Homoeopathic medicine and surgery.
  4. BDS- Bachelor of Dental surgery
  5. BVSc.AH –   Bachelor of veterinary science and animal husbandry.
  6. BNYS- Bachelor of naturopathy and yogic science.

Students can also opt for Pharmaceutical Sciences Like B.pharma and pharma.D

Other medical related courses can be considered as best career options after 12th

  Allied Medical Sciences  Interdisciplinary courses
1. B.Sc. Nursing
2. B.Sc. Dialysis Technology
3. B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology
4. B.Sc. Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technologies
5. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
6. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
7. Bachelor of Audiology Speech-Language Therapy
8. Bachelor of Optometry  
Biomedical engineering
Food Science/ Food Science & Technology  

Some basic fundamental biological sciences are also the best career options after 12th. Best suitable for those interested in doing higher studies after graduation.

  1. Botany
  2. Zoology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Mathematics
  6. Computer science

Different competitive exams to select best career options after class 12th

best career options after 12th

National level competitive exams

  1. JEE main (Joint entrance examination) to get admission in B.E/ B.Tech, B.Arch, B.planing etc. in NIITs, IITs. It is computer based online test conducted by NTA (national testing agency). Website:
  2. JEE Advance:  This advanced level of examination for those who qualify JEE mains. Website:
  3. BITSAT (Birla institute of technology and science admission test) Website:
  4. NEET exam (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test. For MBBS and BDS NEET is the premedical entrance exam conducted by NTA. Website:

State-Level competitive exams

There are state level entrance exam conducted by respective state for engineering course indifferent stream 

Andhra Pradesh
West Bengal

For those who wish to follow their passion as career for them best career options after 12th

  1. Bsc. In Film making
  2. in sound engineering
  3. Bsc. Animation and visual effects
  4. B.designing

Which career is best?

how do i decide on a career

The most certain question which comes to mind is which career is best? There are so many factors which one must consider while choosing your best career options after 12th.

The whole purpose of education is to turn your mirror into window.

  1. Salary:  After the 12th,  it’s the time to think of what should I do to get high salary job, the most basic need. Select the occupation which offers you high paid salary of your expectation.
  2. Security: Job security is essential for an individual to make him/her feel the minimal risk of unemployment.
  3. Growth: Growth and sustainability are key points which one should seriously think while selecting career.
  4. Job satisfaction: The positive emotional response one should experience in the career they select.

The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child own natural desire to learn. 

Maria Montessori

What are the top 12 career?

All the courses have their own importance. But some among them are considered to be the best careers due to some advantages over other courses like high salary and fast growth in the profession etc.

  1. Data science
  2. Digital marketing
  3. Web development
  4. Game design
  5. Animation
  6. App design
  7. Tax consulting
  8. Artificial intelligence.
  9. Lead generation specialist
  10. Surgeon
  11. Scientist
  12. Physiotherapist

There are lot many courses but only one will be yours best career options after 12th. As it is said Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. So it is very important to select the one best suits you, the one with you are more comfortable, and the one in which you can prove yourself considering all the pros and cons. It’s always good to take advice from an expert before you make your final decision.

You can contact me for any queries or any information.

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    It would have been more helpful for students if you would have explained, in a bit of detail, how to understand one’s own natural inclination towards a particular field/subject to make decision-making easier.

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