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Best career counselor:Turn your life path to your dream goal

During the journey of life, in certain situations, we get stuck and find it very difficult to make the right decision. At that time, we feel there should be someone who can help us decide by giving helpful advice. It may be the question of choosing a career or job or recovering from job loss. The best career counselor guides individuals in building awareness about various career options. 

It is not easy to generate new jobs in the same field every year in our country. So It is better to go for the most suitable career option which perfectly fits you rather than choosing the one which your friend or relative chooses. A career counselor can give some valuable suggestions that help us find the right path to our career. They can support in the career change and meet our work satisfaction. 

This article outlines career counselor, career counseling and how it will help people find a solution to their problem.

What is a Career counselor ?

In the earlier system of Education, parents and teachers played the role of a career counselor. Traditionally the part of the teacher is to be a learning guide who imparts Education and guides the students in their career path.

But now the education system has changed, there are so many courses introduced in the education system. And the competitions among all the fields have led to lots of confusion and fear among the students and parents. They have questions in their mind – What after the 10th? What after the 12th? Which career is best? Etc. Every step of Education brings a puzzle in front of the path. They need the support and proper guidance to solve the mystery and move ahead with satisfaction in their career path.

Along with teachers and parents, today’s generation students need proper advice from an expert, i.e., a career counselor.

                          The best way to predict the future is to create it  

by Abraham Lincoln
career counselor


Career counseling

Every individual has unique skill, talent, strength and proper career counseling by the right career counselor helps individuals to identify them and explore the potential to achieve a successful career in life.

Career counseling is very important in choosing the right path to pursue our goal of dream job.

Career counseling is a unique process to introduce yourself to you. Help you identify your strength, weakness, your passion and encourage individuals to pursue their career in the field which fits their personality. 

career counseling

What does career counselor do?

A career counselor is an expert and trained person who helps their client to choose the best out of their career options. Career counselors follow a unique strategy to bring out the best choice for a client’s career.

They usually take random tests, do surveys, interview, and ask many questions to find their personality type and suitable career options.

The most common test used by career counselors is Myers Briggs type indicator (MBTI). It is based on the questioning and answering method. It helps the individual respondent understand their personality, strengths and weaknesses, dislikes, compatibility, and possible career preference. According to MBTI, there are 16 types of personalities. However, no character is good or bad, better or best than others. It helps to learn more about yourself.

More details :  

Myers briggs type indicator (MBTI): 

What does career counselor do


The questionnaire in MBTI gives rise to 4 different scales:

1.       Where we get our energy: The person can be I type (Intovent) or  E type (Extravent)

2.       Where we get our data: The person can be S type (sensing) or N type (Intuitive)

3.       Basis for our conclusions: The person can be T type (thinking) or F type (Feeling)

4.       How quickly we reach them: The person can be P type (perception) or J type ( Judgement) 

MBTI : 16 type’s personality, Interested to know your personality

  1. ISTJ Type: Doing what should be done
  2. ISTP type: Ready to try anything once
  3. ESTP type: the ultimate realists
  4. ESTJ type : Life’s administrators
  5. ISFJ type: A high sense of duty
  6. ISFP type: Sees much but shares little
  7. ESFP type: You only go around once in life
  8. ESFJ type: Hosts and hostesses of the world.
  9. INFJ type: An inspiration to others
  10. INFP type: Performing Nobel service to aid society
  11. ENFP type: Giving life an extra squeeze
  12. ENFJ type: Smooth talking persuader
  13. INTJ type: Everything has room for improvement
  14. INTP type: A love of problem solving
  15. ENTP type: One exciting challenge after another
  16. ENTJ type: life’s natural leaders

How career counselors work?

You might be thinking ,how career counselors work? What is the concept of career counseling?The concept of career counseling has evolved long back in the past century. However, it gained importance in the early 20th century. Due to the advancement in computer technology, career counseling and career counselor have earned their reputation in society in the present condition. The essential tool for career counseling is a personality assessment that helps identify persons’ unique characteristics. The tools are the three psychological career counseling theories. 

Minnesota Theory of Work-Adjustment

It explains whether the person fits his work environment and thus a significant base to identify the best career choice. It refers to the level of compatibility between a person and their environment.  

  1. Are they satisfied? Does the workplace meet the needs of the individual?
  2. Are they satisfactory? Does the ability of individuals match the workplace requirement? 

The main goal is to determine the agreement between the individual ability and workplace requirement to be satisfied and satisfactory. (

Holland’s theory of vocational choice 

According to this theory, people and their work environment fall into six types:

  1. Realistic
  2. Investigative
  3. Artistic
  4. Social
  5. Enterprising
  6. Conventional

 These are associated with particular values, abilities, self-beliefs, and inclinations.

The pattern of RIASEC foretells a variety of career outcomes with typical career path and job satisfaction.

According to Holland, people’s interests drive competency. It gathers experience and beliefs which can help to understand career options. 

Social cognitive career theory

This theory is mainly based on the concept of self-efficiency. As self-efficacy beliefs and outcome expectations firm up, career interests may narrow and strengthen.

Career counselor and Education

Career counselors, otherwise known as career coaches, provide advice for a potential career path and help set career growth. But it’s always essential to consult the right career counselor at the right time.

Career coaches help you understand yourself and find where you fit best in your Education and career in life. 

                                 Right decision at the right time

The major problem also lies in the fact that most of us don’t know what to do and what not to do while deciding on a career choice.

career counseling


Don’t listen to your relatives, friends.

Don’t choose a career that your friends choose

Don’t follow masses, sometimes M is silent.

Don’t consult too many people.


I prefer to choose every green career option

 Follow your heart and passion

Do some research and go with the inner voice

Career counseling after 10th class

The decisions made after the 10th have a significant impact on the student’s life. It affects their further Education, training, and Education and affects their social, financial outcome.                                                

               Consult expert career counselors and take advice.

Career counseling after the 10th is most important to make sure to select the best career option.

An essential function of career counseling is to prepare the students to take the best course. Career counselors talk with the students to know their interests, analyze them to know their inner capabilities and strengths, and advise the best career option. 

Career counseling after 12th

Indian parents are very much obsessed with their children’s careers. And as there are hundreds of career options and lots of competition in every field, parents worry about their children’s future. They were also confused about which college to be selected for the course. 

After 12th and the best suitable college, the best career option are the two most important decisions that parents and children have to make.

There are tons of resources available, which may be responsible for misleading. So it’s good to consult the best career counselor and go for career counseling. 

Career counselor and job

People work to live their life as per their desires. But what if they are not satisfied with their work. The

    Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.

by Katherine whitehorn


career counselor and Job

  In most of the cases the career decision taken without any proper guidance or under pressure always lead to dissatisfaction and ends up with the statement 

            I hate this job, this is not my kind of job !

I am not able to make enough money  with what I do !

            My career is not challenging enough !

            My job is too difficult for me !

            I made a mistake while making a decision !                                                                          

The one solution to all these post-career problems is a pre-career decision. The best pre- career decision is to take guidance from the best career counselor before making your final career decision. 

If you are new to your employment career or desires to change your profession take advice from a Career counselor, otherwise also known as a Job coach. 

A career counselor helps you explore all career options which suits your educational qualification, skill, experience, and interest. They also help you enhance your job performance with their advice. 

Career counselor online

The digitalization of this modern era is a true gift to the present generation. The career counselor online is the genesis of contemporary technology.

Career counselor online

Career counseling by career counselors online has diminished the geographical boundary. Any student in any part of the country can take career guidance from any career counselor of any part of the country. 

Thanks to technology like Skype, Video calling, and audio calling, which help the student consult the career counselor quickly, They can talk, take guidance and advice, and get solutions to their problem effortlessly. Various apps available help take career assessment test interviews and generate career reports that help the counselor give helpful advice to the students and help them make the right career decision. 

But some may ask,  Are career counselors online free? 

There are lot many great resources available where one can find free career counseling but as said

     Free ki chai and free ki rai hamesha hazam nahi hoti 

(Free of Tea and free suggestion is not always digestible) 

So sometimes it is worth paying for good life-changing advice. 

Final thought

A career counselor or career coach or job coach or life coach helps you understand yourself better and find where you fit best in your Education and career in your life. They allow you to achieve education-job- life integration by following a unique strategy of the scientific way of approach. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 


1. How do I find the best career counselor? 

The simplest way to find the best career counselor nearby is to advise friends, relatives, seniors who have undergone career counseling. Another way is to do some research about the different career counselor. Make sure the career counselor needs to be highly trained and expert in his / her job. They should not just advise you to select any courses but also make you understand and realize the best career options for you. They should have excellent in-depth knowledge of career trends. They should be willing to invest their time whenever in need. 

2.  Is career counseling expensive? Can we get free career counseling?

Yes, there are many sources available online for free career counseling. But the fact is that quality service does not come for free. And primarily, free counseling is based on the unscientific method. So if you are looking for good and quality advice for your career, then it’s worth paying. Career counseling lets you know your inner strength, and it’s the way to introduce yourself to you. There are different types of fees of career counseling and depends on the mode and career counselor. You have many options to select the career counselor and method of counseling. Payments can be charged per session or complete package. It’s always suggested to go for per-session charges.

3.  What is the right age for career counseling?

Career counseling is an advice-giving service and will be effective if started early during adolescence, i.e., in 13 to 18. The adolescent is in the transition period of individual Education and career and is at the stage which needs the proper guidance. Students in the age group of 13 to 18 cross two important Turning points of their educational career. So proper guidance during this phase will help them to select the right career path.

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