Agribusiness Management

Agribusiness Management :The Best Professional Career 2021

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Do you have family land? And you are in a dilemma what to do? Whether to look after   the family land or choose any other career option.

Then this Article is for you.

Agribusiness management

                                Agribusiness management.  

We all are wishing to become great Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, lawyers,etc…as these are well known career options and considered to be the best career options. 

But our country also needs great agribusiness managers. The one who can take care of all agriculture related problems and find the solution for that.  They will act as catalysts between the farmers and consumers, playing a crucial role in increasing Indian economy.

You know what Agriculture contributes about 17% – 18% of GDP in Indian economy. This fact opens the avenue for various career options for the aspirants in Agribusiness Management.

This article is all about Agribusiness management and its various career options. So let’s begin the journey.

Insight to Agriculture:

Before we know what agribusiness management is, let’s  try to understand some aspects about agriculture. 

When we trace back the history, agriculture gained importance with the human civilization and domestication of plants and animals.  Significant changes occurred in various aspects of agriculture during the course of agricultural evolution.

 In order to increase productivity, man has been introducing various methods and techniques over decades. Few of them are noticed during the green revolution followed by white, yellow revolution and many more.

Agriculture is not just farming to raise the food source for consumption, It also provides the raw material for various industries. It is the natural source of fodder for various animals. It contributes to building the economy of Nation. It is the employment source for the rural population and many more.  

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

By Masanobu Fukuoka

Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating crops and farming animals.  And since decades we have been thinking that agriculture is nothing but ploughing fields, sowing crops and getting the yield. But looking at the importance of agriculture in all aspects of life, various agriculture related career option courses have been introduced and certified as a part of education. The aim is to train the youth in business related to agriculture.

What is Agribusiness Management?

What is Agribusiness management

Agribusiness management is related to all aspects of agriculture. All the activities from field to market. It involves the business perspective of agriculture and agricultural products.

Agribusiness management is a kind of bridge between farm and nonfarm sectors.

It is the integration of economics, business and agriculture

Agribusiness management includes study about Land farmings and the firm which provides 

  1. Product services:

Input ( like feed, seeds, fertilizers, Herbicides, equipment, machinery etc) 

Output (grains, milk, meat,eggs etc) manufacture of food products, transports of products, Marketing strategies of the product.

  1. Agricultural commodities: Agricultural products both animals and plants of Industrial application. 
  1. Facilitative services like credit, insurance, storage, transportation, soil testing, consultancy etc.

Agribusiness Management Courses.

Agribusiness management courses will give a great platform for learning how to manage and develop agriculture and increase the economy. These courses are framed to train the individual and turn them to agribusiness professionals. These Agribusiness management courses are two year post graduate courses with both theoretical and practical approaches with interrelated modules.

MBA in agribusiness

MBA in Agriculture 1

MBA in agribusiness in the management course in Agribusiness which means business of agricultural related aspects like production and allied sector.  It trains the individual and turns them into management professionals in the agriculture business.

MBA in agribusiness is a 2 years post graduation programme offered by many universities and Institutes.

The aspirants can seek the admission through the entrance exam. CAT (common admission test) is the most common entrance exam and some institute based entrance exam. 

Do you to know which Institutes offer MBA in Agribusiness Management Course

1  ABS (Amity business school), Noida.Website:

2   Birsa Agriculture University at Kanke, Ranchi.       Website:

3. IABM (Institute of Agribusiness management), Bikaner. 


4. ITM University, Gwalior. Website:

5. JNKVV (Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur, Madhya   

     Pradesh. Website:

6. Junagadh Agricultural University, Gujarat.  Website:

7. Kerala Agricultural University, Vellanikkara. Website:

8. SIIB (Symbiosis Institute of International Business), pune 


9. CCS National institute of Agriculture Marketing (NIAM) Jaipur. 


10. MITCON Institute of Management (MIMA) Pune  Website:

PGDM in Agribusiness management

Post graduate diploma in Management is another great career opportunity for the aspirants of Agribusiness. PGDM is equivalent to MBA agribusiness management with a 2 year course. However PGDM focuses on a more practical approach, thus more in Bloom.  

You can get PGDM courses here

1. Vishwa vishwani Institute of systems and management (VVISM), Hyderabad.


2. Mitcon Institute of Management, Pune. Website: 

3. Doon Business school (DBS), Dehradun. 


4. ASM’S Groups of Institution (ASM), Pune.Website: 

5. Trinity College for Management and Technology (TCMT), Ghaziabad.                      


6. National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARAM), Hyderabad.   


7. Agricultural and Food Management Institute (AFMI), Mysuru.  


8. RITEE business, Raipur.  Website: 

9. Food and Agribusiness school (FABS), Hyderabad. Website: 

10. Synergy school of business (SSB), Hyderabad. Website: 

11. Chaudhary charan singh National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM), Jaipur.    


 12. NITTE School of Management (NSOM), Bangalore.  Website

Scope of Agribusiness Management

Scope of Agribusiness management

You may ask  Is agribusiness management a good career? The answer is Yes. There is a wide spread scope of agribusiness management. After completing the  agribusiness management course one can look for job opportunities in the private sector or government sector.

Career opportunities after PG  in Private sector:

  • Research Analyst or Marketing Manager in the following companies
  • ITC limited
  • Rallis India Limited
  • Excel crop care limited
  • Global Agrisystem Private Limited
  • Godrej Agrovet Limited.
  • Synthite Industrial Chemicals Limited.
  •  Food retailing sector
  •  Microfinance sector

Career opportunities in the Government sector.

There are many opportunities in government organizations concerned with agriculture development.

  • National Bank of agriculture and rural development (NABARD).
  • Food corporation of India (FCI)
  • Food and Health Department.
  • Ministry of Agriculture under Government of India.

Role of Agribusiness professionals

1. Agribusiness  Marketing Coordinator: He is involved in all initiatives of marketing products.  Handle all logistics of marketing campaigns, events, product launches, strategic partnerships. He is the one who supports the marketing department initiatives. He contributes the support wherever needed.  He is involved in planning meetings, preparing reports, tracking sales data etc. 

2.  Agricultural analyst: He provides the service to the clients, helping the client buying property or purchasing equipment. He also creates new opportunities.

3.  Crop producer: The crop raising role. Crop producers are involved in growing crops by using modern techniques of agricultural practice. 

4.  Market Analyst: The responsibilities of market analyst is researching at market level, consumer level, Industries level and collecting the data and analysing it.

5. Quality Controller:  Also known as quality control inspectors involved in monitoring the production standards. It is concerned with the testing, inspecting, measuring the quality of product produced. 

6. Farm Appraiser: These are the State level trained licenced officers to give opinions regarding agricultural values. During the farm loan, the appraisal is done by a farm appraiser. 

7. Product export: In various foreign countries, there is high demand for various agricultural products. Exporters will identify the market demand products and export them. 

Top Recruiters for Agribusiness Management professionals 

Agrochemical factories

Banks (private and Government)

Food production firms

Agrimachinery industry

Import-export firms

Allied sectors (Dairy industry, Fishing industry, Poultry industry etc)

Retail firms (food and agricultural products)

Government boards (Agricultural, Fisheries, Fertilizers, and Dairy etc)

Career Path for Agribusiness Management 

The successful completion of an agribusiness management course prepares students for various career paths options. 

  • Farm owner 
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Commodity trader.
  • Marketing manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Public relation manager etc.

Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

The Agribusiness Management course also provides an option for entrepreneurs.

After the completion of course the individual can start his/her own agribusiness.

You might be thinking  

            How do you start Agribusiness?

Here are some tips to start your own agribusiness company.

1  Decide on the product or service you want to work.

2  Do the market research on the product or service you decided.

3. Design the business plan,Agribusiness management course will help to design the   


4. Get the finance support if required to set up the business. There are many banks 

     which give loans for the agribusiness start up.

5. Complete the legal process related to starting your own business. Do registration and 

    get the license and tax number of the business.

6. Set an office for your company. 

7. Work on a marketing plan. 

8. To increase the work efficiency, increase the  manpower. Appoint some experiences 

     and qualified employees.   

Agribusiness management is the integration of economics, business and agriculture providing a huge scope for various ideal career options for the present generation. Explore the opportunity, get the skilled training and lead the life as agribusiness management professional. 

You can seek the help from career professionals before You make a decision.

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                   Courses after 10th class.

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1. What is the scope of MBA in agribusiness management?

MBA in agribusiness Management is one of the most popular courses in agribusiness
Management (ABM). This course provides the platform for the candidate to develop technical skills to market the agricultural products. And also to deal with all the aspects of business in agriculture. 
Career in AGM opens job opportunities in both government and private sector

2. Is agribusiness Management a good career?

Agricultural sector plays a very important role in the global market. It is not only the source of food, but also plays a vital role in Increasing country’s economy.  It is also one of the largest sectors of employment in the rural population. This leads to the gateway for various career opportunities. The trained professionals have a widespread career in the field of Agribusiness management. They can work in the public sector or private sector.

3. After Bsc Agriculture, which is better Msc Agriculture or MBA Agribusiness Management?

Msc. in Agriculture or MBA in agribusiness Management both have their importance in their place?  Everything depends on you, what you are looking for in future. For example : If you are looking for some marketing kind of job then MBA agribusiness management will be good. MBA is a practical oriented degree where you learn how to manage the business related to different aspects of agriculture.
But if you look at yourself as an academician or researcher then MSc. Agriculture will be good. 

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